Precinct News

Commissioner Rodney Ellis’ Statement on Commissioners Court Discussion on Federal Immigration Policies


Today’s conversation around the proposed county resolution to address and respond to the federal administration’s destructive immigration policies underscored the need for this resolution, which will be voted on at the next court meeting. We heard powerful testimony from a broad range of community members who made it clear that the immigration enforcement policies are hurting and destabilizing our community. Members of our local communities are being driven into the shadows, bracing for a knock on the door, and living in fear of their families being torn apart.

The full power to solve the immigration and border crises rests in the hands of our federal government and the current administration. We must call on national leaders to pass compassionate, comprehensive immigration and border reform that will keep families together and out of the shadows; end the inhumane conditions at detention and shelter facilities; and stop the immoral immigration enforcement and detention policies that are harming families in our community and across the country. Until then, I remain committed to working with members of Commissioners Court and the community to identify ways, at the local level, we can support our families and the organizations working daily to defend their rights during this dark time in our country.