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Precinct One Parks and Community Centers Temporarily Closed for Harvey


All Precinct One parks and community centers closed Friday, Aug. 25 in preparation for flooding that’s predicted after Hurricane Harvey makes landfall.

Also, two Precinct One events – the Back-to-School Event at Finnigan Park scheduled for Aug. 26 and the Harris County Aquatics Program (HCAP) Banquet scheduled for Aug. 27 – have been canceled.

Precinct One park officials will make a decision Sunday on whether the parks will re-open on Monday. Also, they will reschedule the canceled events.  

In the meantime, Precinct officials, working in conjunction with Harris County’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, are preparing for the storm, which is expected to bring 15-plus inches or more of rain to the area.

Forecasters predict the storm will make landfall late Friday somewhere near Corpus Christi and then continue up the coast over the next few days toward Houston. The outer bands of the storm will begin hitting Houston later today and there will be major rainfall over the next few days, increasing the risk of flash flooding and other dangerous flood conditions. 

Precinct One crews are checking for drain blockage and other problems. “High water” signs are on standby in low-lying areas in case they flood.

Precinct One residents in unincorporated area who experience hurricane-related problems can call 713-991-6881.

In the event of flooding, remember to avoid dangerous roadways at all costs: Turn Around, Don't Drown. People should never drive or walk into floodwaters – it takes less than 2 feet of water to sweep a car away and 6 inches of water can easily knock a person over.