Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis Criticizes Texas AG’s Last-Minute Legal Maneuver to Toss Votes Cast During Court-Ordered 1-Hour Extension on Election Da

21 Nov, 22

Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis on Monday issued the following statement disagreeing with the Texas Attorney General’s Office decision to ask the state Supreme Court to prevent the county from counting votes cast between a court-ordered, one-hour extension on Election Day:

“Voters from across the political spectrum went to cast their ballot after a judge ordered Harris County polls to remain open. The attorney general’s last-minute legal maneuver to toss out valid votes is the latest strike in the state’s war against Harris County. Voters don’t deserve to be caught in the state’s crosshairs—they deserve to have their vote count.

In a coordinated effort to subvert our elections and deny people the right to vote, Harris County has repeatedly been singled out by state extremists in court and the Legislature. The state cannot be trusted to act fairly or in good faith, and Harris County cannot defend our democracy without federal protections and oversight.”