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Commissioner Rodney Ellis Issues Statement on Judge Lee Rosenthal's Approval of Final Consent Decree in Harris County Bail Reform Lawsuit Hailing it a Victory for Truth and Justice


Full statement from Commissioner Rodney Ellis:

“Truth and justice won today, and the victory belongs to all of us. After decades of harmful injustice and three years of a legal battle waged in defense of our core principles of liberty, equal treatment and due process for all—no matter how much money you have or the color of your skin— Harris County’s unsafe and discriminatory misdemeanor cash bail practices are ending.

In its place will be a system of equal justice that balances safety and due process to make our communities safer and our system more just. Judge Rosenthal's final approval of the settlement will better protect our communities, help bring an end to the devastating mass incarceration of people of color, and uphold the rights promised to us all in the Constitution. My thanks to everyone who spoke out and stood on the right side of history.”

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