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Commissioners Court Approves Fund for Equitable Economic Relief for Vulnerable Residents

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Update: June 30, 2020

  • Today, all applicants to the Harris County COVID-19 Relief Fund will be sent, or have already received, an update on the status of their application. 
  • With $30 million of County dollars, we are able to provide funds to about 20,000 individuals and families. 
  • With more than 500,000 households that applied, it is clear that the need is extraordinary and countless numbers of people are hurting and in dire need.
  • The fund's goal is, and always has been, to help as many people and families as possible and to reach our community's most vulnerable, and those most in need. We prioritized access to ensure people knew about this resource, and worked to create a comprehensive, fair, data-driven process based on need, not first come first serve.
  • The next steps: those who were matched with a community-based organization will be contacted by that organization within the next 5 business days. These organizations will work with applicants to confirm eligibility, understand individual needs and arrange the delivery of assistance. 
  • All grantee organizations are required and have agreed to distribute their funds no later than July 31st. We are committed to getting the funds into the hands of every recipient as quickly and effectively as possible.
  • We encourage those still seeking resources to visit,, or to call 211, the Texas/United Way helpline.
  • We understand the extraordinary need and will continue to look to find ways to support our community and the individuals who have been affected as quickly as possible.
  • The human impact of this pandemic is massive and we need to work together to develop comprehensive solutions to address the pain felt by our community.


For Immediate Release 
May 19, 2020

 Commissioners Court Approves Fund for Equitable Economic Relief for Vulnerable Residents

Harris County Commissioners Court voted to provide economic relief for up to 25,000 Harris County families who are suffering because of the pandemic. Proposed by Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis, the $30 million COVID-19 Relief Fund will help our most vulnerable residents pay for rent, food, medical care, child care and other basic needs.

The Harris County COVID-19 Relief Fund (HCCRF) -- which will be distributed equitably throughout the county – will provide $1,200 for households of one to four residents, and $1,500 for households of five-plus people. It is expected that between 20,000 and 25,000 households will benefit from the fund.

“The Coronavirus pandemic has created both a health and a financial crisis in our region,” Commissioner Ellis said. “Our communities are hurting. And it is our duty as public servants to make sure that our most vulnerable residents, who were already living paycheck to paycheck, do not lose everything in the midst of this crisis.”

Three weeks ago, Commissioners Court voted to tentatively approve $15 million for the fund. As the public health crisis continues, the need for relief grows. Increasing the fund to $30 million will allow doubled the reach and help more people, especially those who are now unemployed, ill or caring for someone who is sick.

“Not all job losses are equal,” Commissioner Ellis said. “Our food service, health care and retail workers – the backbone of our workforce, who are already struggling to make ends meet – have been hit the hardest. Federal funding helps, but it is not enough.”

“The Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act Equal Impact Payments did not reach all low-income residents,” said Commissioner Ellis. “Students and adults with disabilities who are listed as dependents and many households with immigrants are among those who won’t receive a dime.”

This fund will target communities who are struggling the most—households below 60% of the Area Median Income (AMI), victims of domestic violence, youth aged out of foster care, and those in homeless shelters.

The county’s Relief Fund will be managed by the Greater Houston Community Foundation, which already is managing a COVID-19 relief fund. The Foundation has the knowledge, capacity, values and community trust to administer the fund. The Foundation will ensure that the funds reach all residents by working with nonprofit, community-based organizations that serve vulnerable communities and through an accessible public intake process.