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Precinct One Responds to COVID-19


April 9, 2020

Precinct One is working diligently throughout this public health emergency to keep our residents informed and prepared. We know that this unprecedented crisis has upended life in our community and created hardships for many families. Our first priority is your well-being. Over the last few weeks, Precinct One has published several detailed guides with up-to-date information and resources so that everyone can find the assistance they need to stay healthy and safe during this crisis. Everyone has a role to play in protecting our community from the Coronavirus. See some of our helpful guides below for more information on assistance with food, utilities, health care, business loans, housing and more.


Precinct One has also created a comprehensive resource guide for residents and businesses.The guide contains the latest information on Harris County’s Stay Home, Work Safe order and other community guidelines, what businesses and services are closed in Harris County, and how to find a doctor or determine if you need to be tested for COVID-19.

The guide also contains information on how you can access assistance with food, unemployment or business loans if your job or business is affected by COVID-19. 

Resource Guide (English)

Resource Guide (Spanish) 

See some of our recent emails published weekly with important information on COVID-19

May 31

Economic relief for Harris County's most vulnerable is on the  way. The COVID-19 Relief Fund website has launched and the next step in the process is slated to begin in June. 

May 18

The Coronavirus outbreak presents another looming barrier to upcoming elections. It is imperative that we act now to ensure that our right to vote is not obstructed and our elections can be done safely without placing voters and election workers in danger.

May 1

The Emergency Action Plan is a first step toward protecting all of us in the midst of our shared vulnerability - starting with the most vulnerable among us. Now is the time for us to unite across our differences and make policy choices that help every-day people in pursuit of a safe and thriving nation.

April 28

Harris County Commissioners Court took a much-needed first step to help the most vulnerable in our community by approving a $15 million COVID-19 Relief Fund that will provide support for rent, food, medical care, childcare and other expenses.

April 16

An ominous trend in the data -- disturbing though not surprising -- confirms that communities of color are being hit hardest by Coronavirus.Disparities in access to quality health care that lead to higher rates of chronic disease like high blood pressure and diabetes put communities of color, immigrants, and people living on the economic margins at higher risks.

April 8

Commissioners Court took action to help families in need with measures to support food purchases and distribution, to provide medical treatment and housing for our homeless community, to provide economic assistance for struggling small businesses, and to provide families with assistance paying rent, utilities and other vital needs.

April 2

While we continue to keep Precinct One parks open and maintain roads and bridges that are essential to us, we are also working with nonprofits, safety net providers and public health professionals to find solutions to the fallout from this global pandemic.

March 25

See details and read our statement on Harris County’s Stay Home, Work Safe Order requires all individuals to stay at home except for certain essential activities and work.

March 17

As we continue to take unprecedented steps to respond to COVID-19, read more about what we are doing to keep you safe and informed, and the resources available to you during this crisis.

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