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Participate in Precinct One’s programs online!


While you are at home, practicing social distancing, Precinct One’s Programs Department is excited to bring some of our most popular activities to you online! We hope that these videos are a resource for people of all ages to use to stay physically and mentally healthy during this pandemic.

Precinct One offers a variety of educational classes, fitness and exercises programs, arts and crafts, and other activities in our community centers located across our community. This video series will offer many of the same classes, taught by our instructors, that we host at our community centers.

We are looking forward to welcoming you back into our community centers and bringing you these programs in person when it’s safe to be together again. Until then, we hope that you enjoy these videos!

Environmental Education Traveling Naturalist

For more than 25 years, our Environmental Education Program has brought innovative, hands-on learning experiences in natural sciences to Harris County Precinct One youth.

In this video series, Precinct One Naturalist Raven Wilson will tell you about some of the many animals that Precinct One brings into science classes and youth groups across our area as part of our Traveling Naturalist program.

Meet the Ferret

Learn about the Hedgehog

Owl Pellet


At-Home Exercises for Youth 

Aerobics Exercises for Adults 

Adult Exercises at Home 

Exercizes Adultos


Gardening and Horticulture


Nature Journal

Ecosystem in a Jar

Nocturnal Animals

Arts and Crafts 1

Arts and Crafts 2

Youth Arts and Crafts

Zumba 1

Zumba 2

Ball Handling

Sweep Netting