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Road & Bridge

Road and Bridge

The Harris County Road and Bridge Department is responsible for road and bridge construction and maintenance in the unincorporated areas of Precinct One.  Inter-local agreements with the City of Houston allows Precinct One to maintain certain thoroughfares within the Houston City Limits.  This department also constructs roads in Precinct One Parks and assists with the development of Hike & Bike Trails and special projects such as the SPARK (School Park) playgrounds.  The Road and Bridge Department is committed to providing efficient and courteous services to its constituents.

Precinct One currently maintains approximately 860 road miles. 

Road & Bridge Services

  • Pothole(s) Repair
  • County Right-of-Way Mowing
  • County Right of Way Drainage problems
  • Stop/Street signs
  • Barricade(s) Repair
  • Overnight Parking Issues
  • Hike & Bike Trail Issues
  • To report a dead animal (on the county ROW)

Please contact our office via email or by calling either the El Rio (south) Service Center at 713-991-6881 or the Hardy (north) Service Center at 281-820-5151. Please ask for Road & Bridge when calling and be as specific as possible with complaint location. Complaints can also be submitted online via the Service Request Form.

Culvert - To have a culvert installed at a Residence:

  1. Obtain a permit - call the Permit Office at 713-956-3000 for details.
  2. Purchase the culverts and have them delivered to the property.
  3. Mark the location where culverts are to be placed.
  4. Contact Precinct One for installation, have permit number when calling.
  5. An estimated installation date will be given at the time of your call.

All permits are to be obtained by the Harris County Permit Office.  Please contact the Permit Office to report sewage, building and burning violations.  Reports can be made for violations on the county Right-of-Way and/or on private property.

All mosquito related concerns should be forwarded to the Harris County Mosquito Control Department at 713-440-4800. 

Harris County Precinct One repairs storm drain related sidewalk damage.

Reporting Trash Dumping
If you witness dumping and can provide a description of the vehicle and a license plate number, please call to report it at 713-991-6881.

Miller Road and Hardy Service Center Heavy Trash Disposal and Recycling Center
From 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on every third Saturday of the month, bring your heavy trash and recycling to the Harris County Precinct One Miller Road Camp at 15530 Miller Road One or the Hardy Service Center at 11901 W. Hardy Rd. where officials will accept residential waste that is too large for normal trash disposal.  No commercial waste is accepted.  The facilities also offers recycling of plastic, paper, metal and wood for Harris County residents who don’t live in an incorporated city. A Public Dumpster Use Form must be completed before dropping off materials.   Please see the Rules for Using the Facility.   Household chemicals, used motor oil, pesticides and batteries will not be accepted, but can be disposed of at the Harris County Household Hazardous Waste Facility at 6900 Hahl Road, Houston, 77040.

Harris County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility

Residents of unincorporated Harris County are encouraged to safely dispose of Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) at the designated Harris County facility on Hahl Road. We accept fertilizers, pesticides, paint and related materials, household cleaners, used motor oil and filters, batteries, thermometers, fuels, antifreeze and pool chemicals.

The Household Hazardous Waste facility is located at 6900 Hahl Road (northwest corner of US 290 and North Gessner Road).  It is open from 9AM-3PM on Wednesdays and from 9AM-2PM on the second Saturday of each month.  For more information, visit the Harris County Engineering site.

Health Department
Contact the Health Department at 713-439-6000 to report health hazards; including dumping of hazardous chemicals, abandoned homes, vehicles and property.  You may also contact the Neighborhood Nuisance Abatement Office by calling 713-274-6300.

City Services
If you live in Precinct One but your area is maintained by the City of Houston, please contact the city by dialing 3-1-1. The 3-1-1 line is the intake division for all city services or go online to and send your complaint via the website.

Flood Control Division
The Harris County Public Infrastructure Department's Flood Control Division maintains the major drainage ditches in the county.  If you have a service request for that division, please contact their office at 713-684-4000.

Traffic Signals/Street Lights
All timing and other traffic signal issues will be forwarded to the Engineering Division.