Using Data to Better Serve Residents

After Winter Storm Uri’s frigid temperatures and blanket of ice devastated Precinct One communities, our Programs Department used its Division of Assessment and Evaluation to learn about challenges residents faced after the storm.

Data from a wellness survey completed by Program participants was used in several ways, including to understand the need for Federal Emergency Management Agency’s application assistance services in our communities.  We also discovered our residents' need for food and water. The Programs and Communications departments then worked to follow up with respondents and provide information on available resources that specifically addressed the top challenges identified in the survey data.

The Assessment and Evaluation Division was created to understand Precinct One’s neighbors and families, including their demographic profile, needs, and aspirations as well as the impact that our programs, initiatives, and efforts have on their social, educational, and economic well-being.

The division is just one of many innovative ways that Programs is improving its outreach to the community and using information to guide our decisions and interactions with constituents. Specifically, the Division of Assessment and Evaluation gathers the different data and information associated with a program or initiative, analyzes it, and uses the analysis to answer questions and/or ask new questions.

The information can be very simple such as the number of people participating in a class, or it can be more complex such as information gathered through a survey or test. The Division analyzes the data and creates visualizations, maps, and summaries of the results to inform decisions that improve our work, better serve our constituents, and fulfill our mission.

We urge program participants to participate in future surveys or assessments. Your response is valued and important to our mission of better serving you.

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