FREE WiFi at County Parks and Community Centers

Everyone deserves access to online learning, job opportunities, and information that improves their quality of life.

As the pandemic continues to limit in-person activities and has moved many services online, Harris County and Precinct One are committed to expanding WiFi access to residents by building two public WiFi networks at our parks and community centers.

The first and largest project is the WiFi Mesh project. WiFi connections are in the process of being added at 12 Precinct One parks, including Finnigan, Lincoln, Mickey Leland, Barbara Jordan, Boyce-Dorian, Deussen, Challenger Seven,Tom Bass I and III, El Franco Lee,Gene Green, and Adair. The park WiFi can be accessed through the "Harris County guest" network.

The second project, which is already complete, and will allow youth to access WiFi to complete homework and other activities, is the addition of Comcast LiftZones within some of our Community Centers. Deussen, Lincoln, Finnigan and Calvacade Community Centers now offer free WiFi to visitors. The goal of these new networks is to allow youth to access an alternate WiFi to complete homework or other activities.

You can find a full list of Harris County WiFi hotspots and learn how to access the network here: or call 832-927-9434

Being connected is more important than ever and we want all of our residents to have access to the internet. These projects will help bridge the digital divide so everyone can reach the vital online services needed to connect, work and innovate. We hope you all come out and visit our parks and centers and enjoy the free WiFi while you’re here.

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