Harris County Aquatics Program

Child swimming
Seniors in a water aerobics class
Child swimming
Child swimming

Precinct One has a long and proud tradition of excellence in aquatics education that offers a variety of free swim lessons and water aerobics.

Harris County Aquatics Program (HCAP), created in 1992, teaches discipline, leadership and teamwork skills for youth through the sport of swimming. HCAP emphasizes teaching water safety skills so that children can enjoy the water while being aware of the risks.

Due to COVID-19, all water safety courses are online at this time.

Youth Aquatics Program

One of the best things that we can give families is the peace of mind that their children know how to be safe in the water.

Our Learn-To-Swim Program, which operates year-round at locations in Precinct One, is a progressive course offered to children ages 6 to 18.The program, taught by experienced instructors, aims to introduce and then solidify performance of basic swim strokes and water safety tools in a supportive environment.

Our Learn-to-Swim classes are taught in four-week sessions where the students attend class twice a week. Each lesson is approximately 30 minutes. Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is important to apply early! Once an application is properly submitted, families can enroll in classes and will receive updates when new classes are available. There are three swim seasons each year: SPRING (February–April), SUMMER (June–July) and FALL (September–December).

Adult Aquatics Program

For adults and seniors who want to improve their health in a social and welcoming environment, our Adult Aquatics Program offers challenging workouts for people of all abilities, including lap swimming, water aerobics and Aqua-Zumba classes. Whether you are an experienced swimmer or newcomer, our programs can help everyone achieve their fitness goals. Water-based workouts can build strength while being easier on joints, reducing risks for injury. Adult Aquatics classes and year-round.

Locations for youth Learn-to-Swim classes. Adult Aquatics Program locations indicated with asterisk*:

Harris County Aquatics Center*
2731 El Camino St
Houston, TX 77054

Julia C. Hester House*
2020 Solo St.
Houston, TX 77020

Attucks Middle School
4330 Bellfort St
Houston, TX 77051

Kashmere High School
6900 Wileyvale
Houston, TX 77026

Davis High School
12525 Ella Blvd.
Houston, TX 77067


Carver High School
2100 S. Victory
Houston, TX 77088

Dekaney High School
22351 Imperial Valley
Houston, TX 77073

Westfield High School
16713 Ella Blvd.
Houston TX 77090

The Mighty Dolphins

For advanced young swimmers, Harris County Precinct One also fields a competitive swim team. The Mighty Dolphins compete in local, state and national swim meets, and many former Mighty Dolphins have gone on to swim at the collegiate level.