The Harris County Precinct One guiding principles closely reflect the Harris County Vision and Policy-Area Goal Statements, adopted at the September 15, 2020 Commissioners Court. A strong foundation to set and deliver policies, public service, and community engagement to Harris County residents is provided by Precinct One’s mission statement.


Precinct One is committed to becoming a national model for delivering responsive public service that utilizes inclusive, innovative and collaborative approaches to improve the quality of life, advance equality of opportunity, and promote the fair treatment of all people in Harris County.


Precinct One strives to incorporate equity, fairness and justice into all of our priority goals and objectives. Advancing equity, fairness and justice for all depends greatly on creating policies that dismantle oppressive and discriminatory structures; doing effective outreach, organizing and empowering the communities we serve; and effectively communicating those policies and our work by demonstrating their benefit to our entire community. Thoughtful and insightful narrative, which reflects our response to the needs of our entire community, aspires to create dynamic public dialogue through effective and timely messaging.

Guided by the Precinct One Strategic Plan, adopted on October 12, 2020, the precinct has placed the following priorities at the top of our objectives list:

Lead in the development and implementation of public policy.
Promote, encourage, and facilitate greater civic participation and engagement.
  • Empower communities to act on issues that involve the County and beyond.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities to leverage Precinct funds through partnerships with other governments and the private and not-for-profit sectors.
  • Serve as a convener to bring together community organizations around specific policy changes.
Provide best-in-class infrastructure and constituent programs, services, and support.
  • Prioritize facilities that promote and advance quality of life, sustainability, and resiliency.
  • Build road and bridge projects that improve safety and support multimodal transportation.
  • Ensure equitable delivery and accessibility of programs and services across all Precinct neighborhoods.
  • Develop robust communication networks that identify community needs and communicate Precinct responses to addressing them.
  • Create and use objective measures to evaluate Precinct effectiveness in meeting community needs.
Exercise financial stewardship.
  • Ensure transparency in the management of public funds.
  • Demand efficient and effective use of taxpayer monies.
  • Establish long-term financial stability and sustainability.
Build a high-performance organization.
  • Become the leading advocate for, and example of, effective and efficient County government.
  • Set clear standards and objectives for organization, department, leadership, and individual contributor performance.
  • Make Precinct One the employer of choice for those committed to working for the benefit of Precinct One and Harris County residents.