Community Centers

Kids participating in craft activities Computers for public use Seniors participating in an exercise class

We operate and maintain 11 Community Centers to serve you!

Working together, we can build stronger, safer communities where our families, our seniors and our young people are connected to one another and have the resources they need to thrive and succeed.

At Precinct One, we're committed to engaging residents at the neighborhood level to improve quality of life, advance fair opportunity, and promote just and equal treatment for all people. Our Community Centers serve as gathering places where residents can learn new skills, find resources, exercise and connect with others who live in the same neighborhood. While no two centers are exactly the same and offer different activities based on the needs of the neighborhood, all play a vital role in creating community and offer welcoming spaces for everyone.

Since Precinct One covers hundreds of miles with Harris County, you have 11 Community Centers throughout the precinct to chose from. Locate the one close to home and begin connecting with your neighbors.

Harris County Precinct One Community Centers:

Alexander Deussen Senior Center  Finnigan Community Center 
Barbara Jordan Community Center  Julia C. Hester House Community Center 
Cavalcade Community Center  Lincoln Park Community Center 
Christia Adair Community Center  Tom Bass Community Center 
El Franco Lee Community Center