Executive Leadership

The Executive Leadership Team serves as the liaison between the different Precinct One teams and Commissioner Rodney Ellis. They ensure that teams are coordinating and collaborating with each other as well as with other Precincts and the County Judge’s Office.

Commissioner’s Engagement Team

Commissioner Ellis’s Engagement Team is comprised of seasoned Executive Assistants and Security Professionals that are focused on scheduling and planning for the Commissioner. They ensure a smooth transition with all of his travel plans and direct communication between Precinct One and all of Harris County Departments. 

Administrative Services

The Administrative Services Team helps keep the precinct running behind the scenes. They keep the entire Precinct One staff organized and on track by overseeing the schedule of events and meetings and coordinating different departments.


The Communications Team keeps you in the know. They write, develop graphics, and send out important information to the press, through social media, and directly to you through both electronic and snail mail. If you are reading anything from Precinct One – including this website – it was probably written by someone on this team!

Community Affairs & Advocacy

The Community Affairs & Advocacy Team are the people you see in your neighborhood. Coordinators from this department organize community meetings and events, coordinate with local organizations like the Houston Food Bank, and will often canvass door to door to inform residents about important resources.

Development & Infrastructure

The Development & Infrastructure Team keeps the Precinct looking beautiful. They handle roads, bridges, and parks throughout the area. Whether it is helping design a brand new park or keeping streets safe during hurricanes and storms, Precinct One’s development and infrastructure department ensures that all of our residents have safe roads, clean parks, and beautiful spaces to enjoy.

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The Finance Team pays the bills. They ensure that Precinct One is managing our resources responsibly and that everyone gets paid on time.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Team creates a positive work environment that allows the precinct's most valuable asset, our employees, to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.


The Policy Team advocates for you! They develop proposals that help create a more equitable, sustainable, and brighter future for Harris County. From improving legal defense within our criminal justice system to creating programs for direct COVID relief for families, they put forward new ideas at every Commissioners Court to improve quality of life for our residents.


The Programs Team develops and implements activities and programs for the Precinct One community. From environmental science for kids to drama for seniors, our programs have something for everyone. 

Shared Services

The Shared Services Team supports the infrastructure that enables our staff to improve the quality of life for our community and provide access to our services. We ensure our facilities are safe and comfortable, connectivity is maintained throughout our expansive service area, and our equipment and vehicles are reliable.