Becoming civically engaged in your community brings many benefits to you and your neighbors.


The Precinct One Community Relations team focuses much of its time on creating a platform that allows residents to start conversations with HCP1, make their needs known, and bring real change to our community. While voting is one of the best ways to make your voice heard, there are other ways you can raise issues and make your voice heard when it isn’t election day.

Make your voice heard

Reach out to the Community Relations team via phone or email to begin a conversation and tell the Precinct One team what is on your mind. Maybe your neighborhood is experiencing chronic flooding, or a street sign needs to be replaced – no matter the challenge, our Community Relations team will do its best to connect you to the agency or department that can help.

Call us at 346-286-2125 or contact us HERE

Did you know all Harris County residents may speak at Commissioners Court meetings? Follow this link for instructions.

All appearance requests must be submitted by 8:00 am the day of court.


In every election, decisions are made that will impact your life, your family, and your community for decades to come. When elections occur, every vote should be counted, and every voice should be heard. Precinct One believes it is our responsibility to ensure that this sacred right and important tool for change is protected for everyone.

This is why Precinct One proposed creating an Office of the Elections Administrator for Harris County, appropriately elevating the importance of elections and demonstrating the vital need to have those elections expertly overseen.

Find information on voting in Harris County at