Meet the Team

We are Happy to Serve!

Almost 400 Precinct One public servants work to provide residents top-notch services. Lead by Commissioner Rodney Ellis, the Precinct One team consists of career professionals who specialize in serving the Harris County residents.

  • Our Development & Infrastructure staff focus on delivering, constructing and maintaining high quality roads, bridges, parks, trails, community centers and traffic signs.
  • Our Community Relations staff serve as a vital connection between the precinct and residents.
  • Our Policy team researches, develops and recommends county policies to Commissioner Ellis.
  • Our Programs department provides community-centered programming to the youth, adults, and seniors within the precinct.
  • Our Administrative team supports the departments and precinct leadership in reaching goals and objectives.
  • Our Communications team keeps residents informed with clear, timely, and relevant communications through various channels, such as social media, email, video, and this website.
  • Our Human Resource group creates a positive work environment that allows the precinct's most valuable asset, our employees, to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.

Although Precinct One consists of several departments, our staff is united in delivering equitable, fair and just services to our community.

Harris County Precinct One's staff is led by Chief of Staff, Brandon Dudley, and a team of directors. Guided by the Precinct One Mission Statement, the entire precinct staff provides responsive, innovative public service to residents while advancing equality of opportunity and the fair treatment of all people in Harris County.