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Spring Tea with the Seniors at Hester House. Child learning to swim as part of Harris County Aquatics Program Family participating in the RideOne Bike Program Harris County Street Olympics medal ceremony


Offering programs that are built to serve you have been a Precinct One strength for decades.

While program development incorporates the precinct’s guiding principles of equity, fairness, and justice in their delivery and accessibility, our programs also provide fun and practical activities that broaden residents' lives.

Presented in an approachable fashion, Precinct One’s programs allow residents to experience and learn skills that may not otherwise be available. Our Aquatics program teaches both youth and adults life-saving skills in and near the water while the Environmental Education program gives youth an up-close and personal experience with our region’s mammals, reptiles and insects. Street Olympics challenges youth and embraces friendly competition among peers, and the RideONE bike program introduces a healthy form of alternative transportation to under-served communities.

For more information about our programs, please visit their program pages:

Harris County Aquatics Program

Harris County Street Olympics

Environmental Education

 The LEE Program

 Bike Program