Fresh, healthy food should be affordable for everyone.

Access to healthy food is tied not just to key public health indicators, but also to educational outcomes and job performance. It all starts with food security and access to healthy foods.

Healthy Food Financing Initiative

Food deserts, or areas with a lack of grocery stores within walking distance, are a chronic problem in our region, especially in low-income areas and communities of color. Often, farmers markets are one of the only alternatives for locally sourced fresh produce without having to drive to supermarkets in other neighborhoods.

Precinct One started the Healthy Food Financing Initiative to bring more options to every community. During the March 9, 2021 Commissioners Court, the first 6 grants for innovative solutions to increase the availability of fresh and nutritious food in underserved communities were approved. Totaling $550k, the grants were awarded to Hope Clinic, Houston Food Bank, Little Red Box, Finca Tres Robles, Common Market Texas and Urban Harvest. We are very excited about this project and the benefits it will have on all our communities.

The grantee organizations will:

  • HOPE Clinic: Teach restaurateurs to prepare healthy food for their menus
  • Houston Food Bank: Increase food pantry capacity and SNAP enrollment
  • Little Red Box: Make healthy food available for pick-up in the Second Ward
  • Finca Tres Robles: Host interactive classes and create an outlet for fresh produce with a store and kitchen in the East End
  • Common Market Texas: Provide healthy food at a 25% discount to food retailers
  • Urban Harvest: Support operations of its mobile market and coordinate healthy food access efforts among community organizations

SNAP Double Up

The nonprofit Urban Harvest, in partnership with the Houston Food Bank, Houston Health Department and other organizations, has launched a nutrition incentive that is the first of its kind in Houston. The program, dubbed Double Up Houston, matches SNAP purchases dollar-for-dollar at 19 farmers markets and food stands, increasing SNAP shoppers’ purchasing power for fresh fruits and vegetables and supporting Houston-area growers.

Harris County residents receiving SNAP benefits, some 35 percent of which live in Precinct One, will now have twice as many reasons to seek out healthy, fresh fruits and vegetables from our local farmers markets. This will make healthy, fresh foods even more affordable for the families who need it most.

To learn more about SNAP benefits or see if you qualify visit:

Living a healthy lifestyle takes time, effort and resources, but when options for healthy eating are limited, it can be even more difficult. We are here to help you by working to bring more healthy options to you. Healthy foods are important for mental and physical health and everyone should have access to good options.