Safe, accessible streets are an important part of healthy, growing neighborhoods.

However, streets cannot just be places for cars only. It is vital that everyone has an opportunity to share the road.

That’s why Precinct One designs to Complete Streets-style standards, which often incorporate improvements to drainage, sidewalks, bike lanes, bus stops, landscaping and other essential aspects of a modern, urban street.

Precinct One’s investments in better streets can help connect people to opportunities and make our neighborhoods safer for everyone.

Our Projects

Anderson Road

Beamer Road Intersection

Tidwell Road

Timber Forest Drive

Timber Forest Road Bridge

TSU: Cleburne Street

TSU: Tierwester, Blodgett, Rosedale Streets

UH: Cullen Blvd Part A

UH: Cullen Blvd Part B

W Gulf Bank Road

W Richey Road