Commissioner Rodney Ellis Condemns Governor Abbott’s rejection of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy in State Government

09 Feb, 23

Harris County CommissionerRodney Ellis issued the following statement in response to a memo from Gov.Greg Abbott’s office warning state agencies and public universities that it’sillegal to use diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in hiring:

“Some of us honor BlackHistory Month by working to advance opportunities that were denied to previousgenerations, celebrating our diverse communities and fighting for equality forall people.

Others whistle an old andfamiliar tune that calls to Jim Crow revivalists. We’re hearing it in Texas,Florida and across the nation. 

Texas leadership taking aimat dismantling Diversity, Equity and Inclusion programs in state hiring is thelatest escalation of an assault on communities of color, women, LGBTQ+ people,and other marginalized groups. Whether it’s a program to foster fairopportunity in the workplace or an honest telling of history, anything thatacknowledges and attempts to make right the wrongs of historic and ongoinginjustice is increasingly under attack by a reactionary movement that wants toreverse progress because they can’t turn back time.

Texas leaders must recognizethat the strength of our state and the engine of our economy is ourdiversity.  Actions that close doors and seek to alienate Texans from thehalls of government harm all of us.”