Commissioner Ellis Responds to Commissioners Cagle and Ramsey Refusing to Show up

17 Oct, 22

Today, Commissioners Jack Cagle and Tom Ramsey once again refused to show up to work, despite a meeting being called on their terms to overcome the budget impasse: 

“Cagle and Ramsey have taken Harris County hostage with these political games, essentially threatening to take Harris County over a cliff. Their bluff was called, their demands were met, but Cagle and Ramsey are still accelerating toward the cliff and appear ready to take Harris County families down with them. 

My AWOL colleagues have shown a callous willingness to cut life-saving health care services; throw way $100 million for law enforcement; delay urgent flood projects; deny investments to strengthen economic opportunity; and jeopardize other vital services that families depend on to weather tough times and build a better life.

Their ongoing absence from work indicates they don’t share the goal of protecting the health, safety, and well-being of Harris County families. Instead, they’re using disinformation and obstruction to sabotage Harris County’s ability to serve our residents while we defend against extremist attacks on local control, hard-won progress, and our fundamental rights.”