Commissioner Rodney Ellis’ Statement on Texas Secretary of State’s Letter Regarding Incomplete Findings from 2021 Election Probe

19 Oct, 22

On Tuesday, Oct. 18, the Harris County Elections Administrator’s office received a letter from the Texas Secretary of State regarding incomplete findings from an election probe that was announced in September 2021 hours after former President Donald Trump called for Texas election audit legislation. Commissioner Ellis issued the flowing statement in response to the letter:

“While information is still being gathered, the timing of this letter is suspect, and this appears to be another attempt to sow distrust in our electoral process. This partisan probe of our elections was initiated by Trump after the 2020 election and, as expected, is being weaponized on the eve of early voting in 2022.  All over the country, we’re seeing the continuation of the “big lie” and efforts to lay the groundwork to overturn the results of the 2022 election. I urge voters to have faith in our democracy and show up and vote.”