Empowering Harris County: $6 Million Reproductive Healthcare Access Fund

08 Nov, 23

Dear Friends,

In the face of unrelenting attacks on reproductive rights, we are fighting back in Harris County. Last year, after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade and the Texas abortion ban went into effect, the need for access to contraceptives and reproductive healthcare became even more critical in a state that has long undermined reproductive freedom.

In that moment, we had a choice: stand idly by or step up. So, we stepped up with the creation of a $6 million Reproductive Healthcare Access Fund, managed by Harris County Public Health, designed to address the critical need for reproductive healthcare in our community.

This week, Harris County Public Health is wrapping up its application window for eligible organizations, seeking those with a history of serving vulnerable populations and the ability to increase access, education, and awareness about reproductive health services in our communities.

Our fund has two goals:

Boosting Healthcare Capacity: We will provide funding to existing under-resourced health clinics in specific target areas, enabling them to enhance their capacity to offer a comprehensive range of reproductive health services and screenings. By investing in these clinics, we empower them to better serve the healthcare needs of our community.

Empowering Grassroots Initiatives: We will also allocate funding to grassroots organizations dedicated to educating and promoting reproductive health services. Their tireless efforts will help spread awareness and ensure that every individual in Harris County is informed about the essential reproductive healthcare services available to them.

Harris County, with over 2 million people of reproductive age (15-44), faces numerous health risk factors. These include an uninsured rate of 18.4%, limited access to affordable and quality childcare, the absence of paid family and medical leave, and one of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the United States.

The Reproductive Healthcare Access Fund is our response to these challenges. By directing resources to under-resourced health clinics and supporting grassroots organizations, we are taking concrete steps to ensure that all Harris County residents have equitable access to essential reproductive healthcare services and products.

Reproductive healthcare allows people to decide whether and when to start a family and gives women power over their own bodies.This autonomy can reduce conflict in relationships while helping families improve their socioeconomic status. This fund represents a significant investment in the health and well-being of our community, and it underscores our dedication to defending the reproductive rights that have been a cornerstone of our society for decades.

Together, we will ensure that access to reproductive healthcare remains an unassailable right for all residents.


Rodney Ellis