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01 Oct, 22

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Message From Your Commissioner

Dear Friends,
The freedom to vote is a hallowed right won through the sacrifice and struggle of generations past who fought and bled for the right to vote. Over the past several years, the right to vote has faced escalating threats. The Supreme Court gutted vital protections under the landmark Voting Rights Act-one of the greatest achievements of the Civil Rights Movement- that have yet to be restored, clearing the way for states like Texas to build barriers to the ballot that need to be torn down.
In 2020, the nation witnessed a coordinated and unprecedented attack on democracy itself that led to a devastating assault on the nation's capitol and a new wave of restrictive voting laws in state legislatures across the country. Despite these barriers, people have nevertheless persisted and persevered to exercise their right to vote and defend democracy.
This is an issue that transcends politics. Everyone who believes in the fundamental freedoms promised to us all has a stake in protecting, strengthening, and serving democracy. It begins with voting, but people can also serve as election workers and help protect the right to vote for all people.
In these pages, people can learn more about voting and serving in elections. Readers will also find an update on the Texas abortion ban, including available resources for reproductive care. There is also an update on the work being done to best serve Harris County residents. As always, thanks for the opportunity to serve.

Rodney Ellis

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Voting Time 
Step up and Save Democracy

When We All Vote, Democracy Thrives
It's up to everyone to serve and strengthen democracy, defend the freedom to vote, and make sure elections are fair and accessible to all. When voices are silenced and lies are amplified, democracy suffers. When the right to vote is protected and elections are fair, democracy thrives. Democracy belongs to all of us. Here's a guide for people to learn more about what they can do for democracy. 

  • November 2022 Elections: Dates and Deadlines
  • Voter Registration Deadline: October 11
  • Vote by Mail Application Deadline: October 28
  • Early Vote: October 24-November 4
  • Election Day: November 8
  • Provisional and Mail Ballot Cure Deadline: November 14

Harris County Elections Administrator

The Harris County Elections Administrator's Office is an important resource for all Harris County voters. Check out their website, give them a call, or drop them a line.

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Be Someone. Be a Voter.
Register by October 11

To vote in the upcoming election, every eligible voter must be registered to vote. Now is the time to get registered or update an existing registration. To download an application, check a voter registration status, review eligibility requirements, or find out how or where to register, visit or call 713-755-6965.
Make a Plan to Vote
In-Person Voting: Any registered voter in Harris County can vote in person during Early Vote or on Election Day at any polling location in Harris County. Vote early to save time!
Voters can find polling locations and hours, view sample ballots, and check ID requirements at
Vote By Mail: The option to vote by mail is only available to voters who meet one of the following criteria:
  • Voter is 65 years or older on Election Day;
  • Voter is sick or disabled;
  • Voter will be out of Harris County during the Early Voting period AND on Election Day;
  • Voter is expected to give birth within three weeks before or after Election Day;
  • Voter is confined in jail, but otherwise eligible to vote.

Here is some helpful info for voters who are eligible to vote by mail:

  • Voter Services: Voters who are eligible to vote by mail can contact the Harris County Elections Administrator's Office at 713-755-6965 to receive information and assistance. The Voter Services team is ready to help voters who are eligible to vote by mail in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese.
  • Application Deadline: The Harris County Elections Administrator's Office must receive vote by mail applications by Friday, October 28.
  • ID Requirements: In 2021, the Texas Legislature made changes to voting by mail, and ID is now required on a vote by mail application and ballot envelope. Voters eligible to vote by mail MUST provide their Texas Driver's License number, Texas Personal ID number, Election Identification Certificate number OR the last four digits of their Social Security Number on vote by mail applications and ballot envelopes.
    It is recommended that eligible voters provide both forms of ID to avoid delays or rejections.
  • Contact Info: Eligible voters can provide a contact email or phone number on their application so Harris County Elections Administrator's Office can immediately reach out and resolve any issues.
  • Mail Ballot Tracking: Eligible voters can track the status of their mail ballot at

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Serve in Elections

Election Judges and Election Workers are on the frontlines of our democracy-their service is essential to making sure elections are free and fair and that every voter is able to vote. Harris County needs to fill election worker positions across the county to ensure that our elections run smoothly.

Protect the Vote
The right to vote is the bedrock of democracy. Every voter has the right to vote free from intimidation, discrimination, disinformation, and unfair obstacles. Given the ongoing attacks on the freedom to vote and elections, it's important that people know their rights and how they can receive assistance if they have a problem with their registration or ballot, witness or experience voter intimidation, or just have questions about the voting process. 

Resources to Protect the Vote: 
Harris County Elections Administrator's Office: 713-755-6965 and

866-OUR-VOTE: Voters can also call or text
866-OUR-VOTE or visit to reach a nonpartisan, third-party election protection hotline run by the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and other voting rights organizations, including League of Women Voters, Legal Defense Fund, Common Cause Texas, Texas Civil Rights Project, and the ACLU. The hotline provides nonpartisan assistance to ANY voter in need. Help is available in several languages, and support is also available to voters with disabilities.

ENGLISH: 866-0UR-VOTE or 866-687-8683
SPANISH: 888-VE-Y-VOTA or 888-839-8682 
ASIAN LANGUAGES: 888-API-VOTE or 888-274-8683 
ARABIC: 844-YALlA-US or 844-925-5287
ASL {VIDEO CALL): 301-818-VOTE or 301-818-8683
DISABILITY RIGHTS TX: 888-796-VOTE or 888-796-8683 

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In Defense of Reproductive Freedom

Following the Supreme Court's latest attack on people's rights and liberties, Texas criminalized and banned abortion in almost all circumstances. The ban makes zero exceptions for rape and incest and jeopardizes the health and well-being of Texans. The abortion ban denies millions of Texans their equality, their access to essential health care, and their freedom to make decisions about their own bodies, health, and future. 

Forced pregnancy and birth are cruel. They're dangerous. They've dehumanizing. As a result of this ban, dreams will be deferred, racial and social health disparities will be worsened, lives will be endangered and lost, and personal health decisions will be controlled by extremists.

People are working to ensure that all Texans can access safe, legal, and affordable reproductive care. Harris County is researching all available options to protect and expand access to contraception, sex education, family planning, and safe abortions where possible under the law. Together, we must push forward toward a more just and equitable society where all people are treated equally and fairly. 

Resources for Reproductive Freedom
Everyone should be trusted to make personal decisions about pregnancy and have access to reproductive care. Here are some helpful health care resources:

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Chopping Block
"No-show" commissioners could cut critical services.

Harris County families are facing dire cuts to essential county services and programs. The threats to public safety, health care, flood resilience, climate action, environmental protection, and other vital services stem from two Commissioners making the decision to not attend Court. Their absence prevents Commissioners Court from passing a budget that best serves the needs of Harris County families.

Denying communities key investments and slashing vital services jeopardizes the safety, health, and stability of Harris County families during tough times. The cuts to health care-when access to affordable, quality health care for all is essential-are especially deep:

  • Over 10,000 Harris County residents will be at risk and lose access to life-saving care and treatment, including services for cancer screenings, dialysis, and behavioral health.
  • There will be reduced home-visit support and access to WIC for high-risk mothers and babies when Harris County has some of the highest maternal and infant mortality rates in the country, and Texas is forcing pregnancy and birth through its abortion ban.
  • Harris County will have to cut immunizations, preventative care, and mobile health village services in underserved communities.

Harris County has been working tirelessly to protect the public from violence fueled by weak gun laws and the pandemic. The walkout also blocks Harris County from investing $100+ million in public safety. There will also be cuts to services that protect our communities from flooding, toxic pollution, and the hazards of climate change.

All members of Court have a responsibility to protect the rights, safety, and well-being of all Harris County residents. Commissioner Ellis will keep working to ensure the people of Harris County have the services they need and deserve.

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