Commissioner Ellis Announces that Over 50,000 People Have Applied for Uplift Harris about a Week after Guaranteed Income Program Began

23 Jan, 24

Atotal of 59,431 households have applied for Uplift Harris within the firstseven days since the guaranteed income program kicked off on Jan. 12, with46,230 of the applications completed, Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellissaid today.

“Thisjust points to the incredible need that has been created in the state of Texasby the intentional inaction of our state leaders,” said Commissioner Ellis, whospearheaded the program. “Just this month, we saw Texas leaders turn down $350million in summer food assistance funding for children. They are intentionallykeeping resources out of the hands of the people who need it most to perpetuatethis system of inequality and oppression in Texas.”

The UpliftHarris application process ends on Feb. 2. The first $500 monthly payments willbegin in early spring for the 18-month pilot in 2024. Uplift Harris will serveup to 1,900 households living below 200% of the federal poverty line –approximately $60,000 for a family of four and $29,160 for an individual. Thefunds are available for people in the top 10 ZIP codes with the highest ratesof poverty in Harris County.

“In astate with vast prosperity, we refuse to be bystanders as 750,000 Harris Countyresidents endure a relentless cycle of poverty,” Ellis said. “The overwhelmingresponse to the Uplift Harris guaranteed income program underscores the urgentand undeniable need.

“UpliftHarris is part of our county’s broader strategy to address economic inequality,reduce poverty, and foster economic prosperity,” Commissioner Ellis said.“Across the country, guaranteed income programs have been proven to beeffective at helping to reduce poverty and improve a family’s stability,economic mobility, and overall well-being.”