Commissioner Ellis Disappointed Texas Supreme Court reversed Lower Court’s Ruling to Temporarily Prevent the State from Enacting Law Targeting Harris County Elections

22 Aug, 23

Below is Harris County Commissioner Rodney Ellis’s statement on the Texas Supreme Court ruling overturning a lower court’s decision to temporarily ban the state from enacting SB 1750:

“Democracy in Harris County and the State of Texas took another blow today with the Texas Supreme Court ruling that allows the Legislature to target Harris County and exercise unprecedented control over our elections. Whether it’s banning drive-thru voting in 2021 or abolishing the Harris County election administrator’s office, we are on the front lines of a coordinated attack from state leaders who are intent on subverting our elections because they fear our diverse and powerful electorate.

“This year, the state escalated its assault by passing Harris County-targeted legislation that effectively seizes control of our elections and disregards voters and dedicated election workers as collateral damage.  I am disappointed that the Texas Supreme Court silently allowed this injustice to go forward today. Despite this setback, Harris County voters can trust that we’re doing everything in our power to protect their right to vote in fair and free elections this November and beyond.”