Uplift Harris in the National Spotlight

20 Mar, 24

Dear friends,

Exciting news for Harris County: our Uplift Harris pilot program is garnering national attention with a spotlight in this week’s Wall Street Journal. Uplift Harris has the power to change lives and build a stronger, more prosperous Harris County, and while the statistics supporting initiatives like this are well-established, the stories illustrating their potential impact are undeniable.

In this story, you’ll meet two courageous women who devoted their lives to family, friends, and caregiving, and would welcome the financial stability provided by a pilot program like Uplift Harris. They are just two of more than 80,000 applicants, but one by one, stories like these can help build a groundswell of support for future expansion of programs like Uplift Harris.

Across the country, guaranteed income programs have been shown to be effective at helping to reduce poverty, improve a family’s stability and overall well-being. By offering direct financial support to over 1,900 families struggling to make ends meet, Uplift Harris will provide a lifeline that empowers families to meet their household’s basic needs for things like rent, groceries, transportation, and housing cost.

This program is just one piece of our broader, holistic effort, Harris Prospers, that is making Harris County a place where everyone has a stable foundation and a clear path—free from unfair barriers—to prosper, thrive, and build a better life for themselves and their families.

I encourage you to read the full story in The Wall Street Journal and join us in supporting this vital pilot program. Together, we can move closer to a future where every resident of Harris County has the opportunity to prosper.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Rodney Ellis