Gessner Road


Northwest Harris County




Last year, work began on extending Gessner between West Road and Beltway 8. Because of redistricting this spring, Precinct One began overseeing this project, which had already been under construction for many months. In May, Precinct One officials were notified that the construction company responsible for the completion of both remaining projects surrendered the right to remain in possession and control of the work. Precinct One officials ask for commuters’ and residents’ patience and understanding while we work diligently to get the project back on track.

This project is secured by a performance bond and Precinct One is taking the necessary steps to work with all parties to ensure that the project moves forward to completion as quickly as possible. In the meantime, Precinct One is taking precautions to secure the site and minimize inconveniences.

Precinct One thanks commuters for their patience and understanding. We will continue to provide updates as this project moves forward.


Reconstruct and extends about 1.6 miles of Gessner Road between West Road and Beltway 8 to a 4-lane concrete boulevard. It also includes underground storm sewer, new traffic signals at Fallbrook Dr. and Windfern Rd. and modifications to the traffic signal at West Rd.