Quebedeaux / Remembrance Park

Quebedeaux Park is named after devoted public servant Dr. Walter A. Quebedeaux (1915-1976), who spent 22 years as Harris County’s Director of Air and Water Pollution Control, a lawyer and a pioneer in Environmental Protection. He worked hard to untangle and remedy problems caused by the neglect of our natural resources. His selfless determination to preserve our environment for future generations is an inspiration for those who follow in service to the public.

In the coming year, Precinct One will be transforming Quebedeaux Park and the surrounding block of Downtown Houston into Remembrance Park, which will be a place where residents and visitors can commemorate and honor the actions and struggles of all people as the fight for social justice and human rights for all continues. 

One of the major focal points of the new design will be four markers that will recognize four individuals who were lynched in Harris County between 1890 and 1928. These markers honor the four lynchings in our county that are a part of the Equal Justice Initiative’s well-researched investigation, Lynching in America: Confronting the Legacy of Racial Terror.

The design will also include various art installations, a water feature, an area for public education, and permanent information about the local history of racial and social inequality.


1115 Congress Street
Houston, TX 77002


6 a.m. to 7 p.m.


  • Fountain
  • Monument
  • Plaza