We must protect the health and safety of our community.

Guided by our commitment to public service and our unwavering duty to ensure that all Harris County residents are served equitably, Precinct One staff has been on the ground in the neighborhoods responding to the needs of the individuals and communities we serve since the Coronavirus pandemic began.

Inequalities that existed well before this crisis have caused many Precinct One residents to be some of the first and hardest hit. Under-employment, the lack of living wages and worker protections, food deserts, and reduced access to healthcare already existed in many communities within Precinct One. When paired with a global pandemic, those conditions have been exacerbated. We are working with community partners to best meet the needs of those we are privileged to serve.

Getting your vaccine is easy!

No proof of insurance, residency, or citizenship is required, and the vaccine is completely free, with no out of pocket costs. The Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccines have all been cleared after rigorous review by the FDA and are safe and effective.

To Schedule a Vaccine Appointment:
Harris County Public Health | 832-927-8787

If you do not have transportation for your vaccination appointment, please contact the HCPH Vaccine Hotline at 832-927-8787.