HCP1 Gun Buyback Program

Everyone deserves to be safe in their home, school, and community — free from the threat of gun violence.

We’re taking action in Harris County. Harris County’s Gun Buyback program is part of our efforts to keep our communities safe.

During the last Gun Buyback, Houston-area residents turned in a record number of 1,446 firearms.  

The fourth Harris County-Houston gun buyback held June 10 was the most successful, collecting a record number of 1,446 firearms that helps in the effort to reduce violent crimes.

In total, more than 4,200 firearms have been collected in the four buybacks, which assist in the coordinated efforts to help all communities be free of gun violence. With the community’s overwhelming response at all the events, Houston-Harris County has conducted the most successful gun buyback program in the country’s history.

Thanks to everyone who has participated. And please look out for more buybacks in the future.

Gun Buybacks provide an opportunity for people to safely remove guns from their homes and to come together as a community to help turn the tide on gun violence. Please help spread the word. If you have a gun that you’re ready to part with, now is the time to do your part to make everyone safer.

Across the country, guns are claiming lives every day at an alarming rate. At the local level, we’re doing all that we can to keep our communities safe from gun violence despite the challenges we face at the state level.

In Texas, the gun violence crisis is fueled by state leaders encouraging dangerous and irresponsible gun ownership through weak gun laws that have been shown to increase violence. People don’t need a permit or safety training to carry a loaded handgun in public. Teenagers can buy weapons of war on their 18th birthday. People can buy more rounds of high-capacity ammunition than a soldier carries into battle. Guns are welcome on college campuses. Red flag laws, which keep guns out of dangerous hands, are a non-starter.

Parents of mass shooting victims are pleading for action, children are marching for their lives, and members of law enforcement are warning that their job is harder and more dangerous because of Texas’ lax gun laws. This is what we’re up against in Texas.

Our conscience and our communities demand more from us than thoughts and prayers. Harris County’s Gun Buyback program is part of a multi-pronged effort to prevent gun violence.

We can’t bring back a life, but we can buy back a gun. By working with local leaders and law enforcement to get guns off the streets and keep them out of the wrong hands, we can save lives. It’s worth it if we prevent even one gun death or injury, stop a child from coming across an unsecured gun, or a loved one from ending their life.