Mickey Leland Memorial Park

Park Description

Mickey Leland Memorial Park was dedicated to the public in his honor on November 10, 2000. The memorial is located in northeast Houston on the site of the first office occupied by the former Congressman, after he was elected to the Texas State Legislature in 1972. The Leland Memorial Park is a moving collection of art, green space and history consisting of an obelisk, sculptures, story walls and an exedra that blend to commemorate the benevolent, humane, community service spirit of one of the all-time favorite sons of the people of Houston. For more information on Mickey Leland, click here.


Park Location
3701 Cavalcade Street
Houston, Texas 77026

Park Hours
6:00AM - 10:00PM
*Closed for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years

Park Information
Phone: 713-675-0004

Patrolled By
Harris Co. Sheriff's Office

Park Rules