Our Improvements


Precinct One believes that your quality of life shouldn’t be determined by your zip code.

Everyone in every community deserves to have access to the same level of high quality, effective services and infrastructure. Safe, affordable transportation and beautiful parks and greenspaces are essential parts of healthy communities.

The Development and Infrastructure Department at Precinct One oversees Capital Investment Projects (CIP), including bikeways, streets, sidewalks, parks and trails, in neighborhoods throughout the precinct. It is the mission of the department to provide safe, efficient, and equitable community infrastructure and services.

The CIP Process

Type of Projects:  Precinct One focuses on providing infrastructure projects that are community-driven and improve the quality of life in neighborhoods. Our projects include new construction and reconstruction of streets, intersections, bridges, sidewalks, bikeways, trails and park facilities.

How Projects are Developed:  Throughout project development and construction, we work with stakeholders through community engagement to better understand the issues impacting communities and take a collaborative approach in finding solutions. We also work with partner organizations and agencies who share common goals in developing and implementing projects.

Phases: There are four major phases to project completion: study, design, bid, and construction.

Our Projects


Almeda Road Bikeway

Cavalcade and Homestead Road Bikeway

Houston Bike Share


Hill at Sims



Bammel Road Improvements

Ella Boulevard Sidewalks

West Mount Houston Sidewalks and Bikeway


Asphalt Overlay Projects

Anderson Road

Gessner Road

Tidwell Road

TSU: Tierwester, Blodgett, Rosewood Streets

UH: Cullen Blvd Part B


Brays Bayou Pedestrian Bike Bridge

Deussen-Eisenhower Bridge

Fondren Channel Trail

Curtis Detention Basin Trails

Sims Bayou Pedestrian Bike Bridge

Willow Waterhole Trails